window method in pyleap

The four handy window methods are explained with an example:

1. window.set_size()

A default window size is width = 640 and height=480. But you can change as per your requirement. To change your window size use the command:

window.set_size(400, 500) # width (400), height(500)

# (or)

window.width = 500
window.height = 400

2. window.set_caption()

By default, the window caption will be leap learner but you can change using the set_caption method. It will take a string as a parameter.

window.set_caption("My First game")

3. window.clear()

The position of the window.clear() matters.

  • If it was placed after any object creation, it will clear everything done before it.
  • If it is placed before any object creation, it will clear the window first and then starts object creation.
from pyleap import *
def Draw(dt):

4. window.show_axis()

This method will display coordinates of the canvas which will be very helpful while drawing shapes.

from pyleap import *
def Draw(dt):