What is pyleap?


pyleap is a python-based plugin developed by LeapLeaner. With the pyleap module, we can use a few simple commands to create animations, draw arts, develop various games, etc.

The first reaction of many people towards learning programming is that it is difficult. Programming language is a language that communicates with machines. It has certain restrictive syntax and any small error in that syntax can cause a program to run incorrectly. However, you should keep going, never give up!

The usual way of teaching any programming language is bottom-up, i.e., all the basic concepts are taught first and then implementation of the language is done. This method usually takes out the “fun” from the learning and discourages many people to learn to program.

Pyleap takes a top-down approach in teaching programming to people. This method, allows the user to experience the “fun” part of the program first and then an explanation of concepts later on. It allows the user to constantly apply programming grammar knowledge in project development thus making learning programming “fun” and easier.

Why pyleap?
  • Pyleap enables students to learn coding in a fun way.
  • Provides simple functions to create games and animations.
  • It focuses on the output and less on the programming grammar.
  • Helps beginners to understand the coding concept easier
  • pyleap module is free