Introduction to turtle graphics

Turtle graphics is a pre-installed Python GUI library that enables users to draw pictures and shapes, create colorful animations and games. Therefore, it’s a popular way of introducing programming to kids and beginners, making coding fun and interactive.

The turtle module will be already installed along with python. To use its methods and functions we just need to import the turtle in the very first line of the program.

If you haven’t installed python, no need to worry. We have a step-by-step demonstration on how to install python. Click here.

To make the learning turtle program fun and enjoyable, we have categorized the turtle methods into different categories:

  1. Getting ready with turtle window
  2. Start drawing shapes and pictures
  3. filling colors in to shapes and pictures
  4. Accepting inputs from a user in turtle window
  5. Text in a turtle
  6. Events in a turtle

In every topic, you will get access to activity questions and mini-projects with a source code to help you understand effectively. So, while you keep on exploring turtle graphics, we intend to help you in explaining the python programming concept in a graphical form.