How to write your first pyleap program?

To write your first pyleap program without error, you should know three things:

1. pyleap code structure

from pyleap import *  # importing pyleap module
def Draw(dt):         # Defining function
    pass              # statements
repeat(Draw)          # repeating function
run()                 # running window

2. Make sure you are connected to the internet when you run your program for the first time. This is because when you run a pyleap program, it needs access to favicon which is a pyleap official logo. So, if you are connected to the internet it will automatically download and will be stored inside the download folder. Next time when you run your program it will work without the internet if you have access to the download folder containing the configuration file and a favicon.

3. When you save your file, make sure you avoid the filename “pyleap“. This will create confusion about your original pyleap module.