How to install pyleap? – offline and online

We can install pyleap both online and offline. However, the first requirement is to install python. Always install python version 3 and later if you are coding in the pyleap module.

Here, you will learn how to install pyleap online as well as offline with video demonstration.

Installing python and pyleap online


  1. Install python download(recommended is 3.7.x and above)
  2. Install pyleap; Use the command line to install the pyleap module, the command is
pip install pyleap --upgrade

Installing pyleap offline

Watch the video embedded below to install pyleap offline. However, if it doesn’t work make sure that three more dependencies are also installed. To get access to all the offline files, click on each module listed below.

  1. pyleap
  2. pyglet
  3. leaptask
  4. future

What is pyleap?