Dawa Penjor Blogger at Bhutan Python Coder

Hello everyone,

I am Dawa Penjor, an ICT teacher at Jampeling Central School in Trashigang. I am an enthusiastic learner and self-taught programmer. I have been learning python programming for over three years.

With the introduction of coding in the ICT curriculum of Bhutan, all students across all grades will be introduced to coding. It will be one of the compulsory subjects in Bhutan. Considering the popularity and application in the technology field, the coding language is focused on python.

I maintain this blog to guide and assist students in learning python programming. I also intend to provide resources and support to my fellow colleagues in teaching python programming.

If you are interested in learning more about python and are looking for resources, join me:

Excited to know that you are a part of the Bhutan Python Coders family😎.